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Tool Calibration

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Tool Calibration

MC TELSERV, INC. is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 as a primary calibration service provider for the Telecommunications Industry. Either tool manufacturers or calibration services have historically performed calibration of crimp and associated tools. MC TELSERV, INC. has changed that concept with a specialized calibration service addressing the specific needs and expectations of the Telecommunications Industry.

As a specialized service we provide the responsiveness and expertise that focusing on just a single entity can give. This premise permits us to present very competitive or "better than" pricing, most expedient turn around time, exceptional client interface, specialized work schedules, and superior expertise in calibration, repair, adjustment and tool compliance. Our belief is that crimpers and associated tools are just as important to the installer as a micrometer or caliper is to the machinist. At MC TELSERV, INC. these tools are not seen as "just additions" to an existing service. They are the only reason for our existence.

MC TELSERV, INC. has authored calibration procedures and work instructions for the specific maintenance, service and calibration of crimp and associated tools. Our accreditation for technical competence in this field of calibration is verified by Certificate No: 11034 and accredited by our registrar NQA laboratory Services. We certify the accuracy, repeatability and traceability of all calibrations.

The client is the center of our universe, and unto this premise we mandate our services to be quality assured, cost effective, professional and client responsive. MC TELSERV, INC. also meets or exceeds the requirements of TL-9000.

Our scope of calibration in accordance with our accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 covers calibration of dimensional measuring equipment such as Micrometers, Calipers, Indicators, Plain Plug Gages, Pins, Dial Bore Gages, Depth Micrometers, Thread Plug Gages, Height Stands, Setting Discs, Length Standards, Ball Gages, Micrometer Standards, Low Torque Devices, Force Gages, Gage Blocks and many other precision and super-precision tools and gauges. Along with our accreditation our personnel possess the skills, training, expertise and professionalism required not only to expertly calibrate, adjust and repair tools and gauges, but to provide information to help each client with their particular needs. Performing the calibration is only part of our job. We will be your "calibration consultant, or engineer to advise and provide direction to help maintain a quality compliant, cost effective calibration program.

We maintain complete systemic conformity by use of written calibration procedures, traceability of standards and equipment, traceability of reference materials, long form data reports, empirical & historical data retention, labeling and certification of each tool, traceability of measured results and parameters tested.

Our quality and client responsiveness is second to none; our turnaround of items after receipt at the laboratory is a maximum of 3 days.

We know our mechanical calibration service will meet or exceed all of your expectations and more than adequately fulfill all of your calibration needs. Let us show you how we can and will meet those expectations.

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